What are the Ordinary's Hair Products like?

Cassandra has used The Ordinary for the past month, and in this blog, she shares how it went for her curly hair. She tried both the shampoo and the conditioner. When Cassandra first started using these, she was actually surprised by both textures. She really didn’t have high expectations because she knows that The Ordinary is known for their basic skincare.

Is The Ordinary's shampoo good?

The Ordinary 4% sulphate cleanser for hair and body -$8


The shampoo takes a while to foam up even just a little. Cassandra worked it into the scalp for a while, but foam didn’t really happen. It was most liquidy. Even though Cassandra’s scalp felt cleansed afterwards, it didn't feel stripped.

The products are scentless and colorless. So, this might take away from the shampooing experience for you. However, you can add a drop of peppermint oil to stimulate hair growth. Cassandra washes her hair 1 - 3 times a week, and the shampoo bottle lasted 2 months whereas the conditioner ran out at about 1 month.She got a good 30-40 washes out of the shampoo.

Cassandra used too much of the shampoo because she was expecting it to foam up and lather which this formula really doesn’t do a ton of. Cassandra would not consider this a clarifying shampoo.


What is a clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoos are used for getting get rid of product, chlorine, debris, or sebum buildup in your hair. Clarifying shampoo are intended for occasional use only, and they normally don't replace daily or traditional shampoos.

Traditional shampoos are great for keeping your hair and scalp clean on a daily basis, but in the case that you feel the need for a deeper clean, a clarifying shampoo could come in handy.

Clarifying shampoos are made up of between 80 and 90 percent water, and they have different ingredients than traditional shampoos. Heavy surfactants are the main difference between clarifying shampoos and traditional ones. Surfactants are soap-like ingredients that get rid of residue, grease, and impurities in your hair, and they are much stronger.

Examples of surfactants and their specific benefits include:

Ammonium-sodium lauryl sulfate.

This ingredient provides the deepest cleanse. It literally pulls and separates dirt from surfaces. These may be best for extreme hair care product buildup or very oily hair.

Chlorides or bromides.

These are a milder cleanser, but can help make your hair soft.

Cetyl-fatty alcohols.

These have milder cleansing effects.

Cassandra’s hair is oily, her scalp is oily, and she tends to have a lot of buildup. So, in the end, she felt like the shampoo wasn’t enough for her for her.

Cassandra felt like the shampoo and the conditioner were good purchases, but they could be a little bit bigger. Cassandra felt like the results were unexpected. The conditioner was awesome, but she didn’t love the shampoo. At the same time though, she would purchase the shampoo again to mix things in it because it's such a stable and simple formula. For people who are looking for a sensitive skin option and perhaps have scalp irritation, the shampoo is definitely worth the money. Even if you have a prescribed hair product from a derm, you could use this in conjunction with The Ordinary products.

Moreover, you could mix The Ordinary’s caffeine serum in this to stimulate your scalp, or if you have hair that's somewhere in between dry and oily, you could mix this in with a drop of clarifying shampoo if you really need a good wash. That way, the clarifying shampoos won't dry you out.

Does The Ordinary's Haircare help with damage?

This is not a shampoo for dryness and damage repair. 

Specifically, what is the conditioner from The Ordinary like?


The Ordinary Behentrimonium Chloride 2% Conditioner - $8




If you have really straight hair, this conditioner might not be perfect, especially if it's super oily or greasy hair. But, if you wash your hair every day because you’re an athlete or something and just need a light rinse, this shampoo really does fit the bill. Although it is basic, Cassandra does feel like The Ordinary's condition did something novel here. It kind of reminds her of Scene and Function hair care without fragrance or dyes.

The conditioner comes out much thicker, but it has a lightweight texture. It coated Cassandra’s hair strands beautiful, and she actually felt like she could use this as a hair mask. She had to use a little more compared to other brands because it’s such a lightweight formula, and she used this while her hair was both styled and curly. Both times, it worked well. Since it was so lightweight, Cassandra’s curls came out bouncy, and they were coated and protected. And, even if she applied other things like styling products on top, hair didn’t get gummy or gunky which a lot of other thicker creams and conditioners often do. As far as the usage of these in the actual shower goes, Cassandra had a great time using them. The square bottles are easier to grip in the shower and easier to put on a shower shelf or window seal. The dispensers are also really good. 

After using the shampoo and conditioner, Cassandra’s hair felt clean, hydrated, and lightweight. Her ends felt a little dry, but they normally are. Her hair did not feel weighed down, and it felt silky. Her curls look defined afterward even though she has a lot of heat damage. If there’s frizz afterwards, you can use a hair serum. To blow out your hair, you’ll steed need to rely on smoothing techniques and oils or serums, especially for split ends.