What is cryotherapy? Can cold skincare tools help the skin?

What is cryotherapy? Well, before we begin, cryotherapy is not using ice to “close your pores." However, using a cold compress can be very helpful for the skin. It can help with inflammation and depuffing. 

So, what type of skincare tools should you use for cryotherapy? Should you use the ice globes that celebrities use? Do they work? Well, Cassandra tried them, and she found them to be really disappointing even though a lot of celebrities use them for their “Vogue skincare routines.” So, should you buy those little glass balls with liquid in them? Here’s Cassandra’s review.

Cassandra spent like $40-$45 on an ice globe, and at first, she was so excited.She got the Sundry one, and when she opened it, it was broken! It broke during shipping, and the liquid got everywhere. 

She bought a second set from Kira, and the globes had glitter in them.  She put them in the fridge, but when she took them out, she was disappointed again. Upon applying the ice globe to her face, there was not enough liquid to completely fill up the little globe, and gravity was pulling the liquid down. So, when you hold it, you can’t even feel the liquid’s cooling sensation.  You’re just rubbing cold glass, and all the while, your hand is freezing. It also gets slippery, making it easy to drop. Your hand also heats up the globe. So, it doesn’t feel that great, and it’s not that relaxing. 


Instead, Cassandra uses a microcurrent tool which feels way more relaxing.Microcurrent feels like a relaxing massage, and it drains lymphatic fluid.

I Dew Care Rolling With It - $12

This has a metal part underneath the plastic cap. This product feels way better and more relaxing, and it retains the cryotherapy. It rolls on the skin nicely, and it feels cool. This is the best one if you really want to use a cooling skincare tool.

ESARORA Ice Roller -$18.99 

You can put this in the freezer, but it won’t get as cold as an ice cube. This helps depuff, stimulate circulation, and mitigate inflammation. But, it doesn’t sting or irritate the way ice does. 

The Nurse Jamie UpLift™ Massaging Beauty Roller - $69 

This is on a fulcrum, and it completely grips to the skin. It feels really luxurious on the skin, but by the eyes, cheek, or nose, it wasn't that versatile. It’s better to use it by the forehead and temples. If you have puffy cheeks in the morning, this is wonderful. You can also use it on your neck. Because it’s weighted, it has a luxurious feel, and it glides across the face. You don’t need this in your routine, but it’s definitely a nice thing to have in your routine.

Super Cica Daily Quick Mask -$15.99

This is K-beauty, and if you have really sensitive skin or you’re cautious of using anything cold, this is amazing. This takes wonderfully formulated ingredients like aloe, cica, and green tea and locks them in. This mask doesn't melt off the face,  but t actually holds onto the face and penetrates the skin. This is so great and cool. This can be used once a day, and there are 30 sheet masks in the container.


Photocred: Vanity Planet