Feeding Children Sustainable Meals With Food For Life Global

Food For Life Global has served over 6.5 Billion meals to schoolchildren through their hunger relief programs. Their plant-based meals are nutritionally balanced, environmentally sustainable, and prepared with intention. Food has the innate ability to break down barriers and bring people together, healing the body, mind, and soul in the process. Food for Life Global affiliates, therefore, serve only the purest of food—food that is devoid of animal suffering, prepared and served with love. Furthermore, recognizing that the ultimate solution to the problem of hunger is the elimination of poverty, Food for Life not only provides direct food distribution services, but also addresses, through its affiliate programs, diverse but related issues such as education, environmental health and sustainability, animal welfare, and health care.

Creating Happy Homes In Columbia At Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a safe haven for rescued animals in Colombia. They were the first sanctuary established in South America and since their founding, they have rescued and rehabilitated over 700 animals. They currently house, feed, and provide veterinary care to more than 100 rescued animals. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary rescues farm animals as well as disabled and senior animal companions, providing a permanent and safe environment for them to live freely. Their animal shelter also works in sterilization programs so as to reduce the number of homeless animals, and is run by vegans who never sell or exploit animal rights.

Planting Trees With The Eden Reforestation Project

Starting in Ethopia, the Eden Rainforest Project has become a global I-NGO, successfully reducing extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests. Their mission is to plant trees to save lives by providing fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. They hire the poorest of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native species forest on a massive scale. Their “employ to plant methodology” results in a multiplication of positive socio-economic and environment measures.

Supporting Diversity In Media With Camp Reel Stories

We are heavily influenced by the media we consume, and having diversity and representation in the creation of media ensures that different opinions, diversity and equality are upheld in our society. Reel Stories is a nonprofit youth media organization that combats the significant gender imbalance in film production. They teach young women that, with the right tools and training, they hold the key to a revolution in the media industry. When women and girls are better represented behind the scenes in the media, they will be better reflected on the screen.

Supporting Medical Education With Osmosis Medicine

Osmosis understands that medical education is the foundation to health, wellness, and care of our societies. Their mission is to empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible, through online content, educational modules, and conferences. Honest, scientifically-backed, and clinical education creates accurate, compassionate, and expert medical providers. Osmosis is a comprehensive platform that helps people around the world understand health more thoroughly.

Stopping Bullying With The National School Climate Center

The National School Climate Center works to measure and improve the climate for learning in schools to help children realize their fullest potential as individuals and as engaged members of society. They provide resources, and action plans to create sustainable, positive school climate fosters youth development and learning. Safety, teaching, school environments, and interpersonal relationships are essential to the growth and development of children, in areas that are free from abuse, bullying, and discriminationn from peers and authority figures.

Removing Plastic From Our Oceans With 5 Gryes

Anna and Marcus sailed across the Pacific ocean, and noticed not only the waves, but pieces of broken down plastics tragically mixed with marine life. At night, they would watch small fish, mistaking the plastic for food and ingesting it. They dedicated their lives to solving the Plastic Problem, and have worked to raise resources and awareness to put a halt on plastic pollution. Through education, activism and accountability, 5 Gryes works to research and irradicate plastic in our oceans.

Rehabilitating The Disabled And Destitute In Punjab With Prabh Asara

Prabh Asara is a home that works to shelter and provide for the sick, disabled, injured, and abandoned citizens of Punjab. Its core mission is to give unconditional opportunity, treatment, rehabilitation and shelter to those who are mentally / physically ill, orphaned , and handicapped. They serve citizens who are ignored, not only by the government but also by the public. Their goals are to get the destitute reunited with their families, create awareness about mental health and female foeticide, and fight for the rights of the weaker section of the society.

Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Education With IMCAS

IMCAS hosts medical research conferences focused on providing plastic surgeons and dermatologists with the latest academic and industry updates for their professional progress in the aesthetic field.

Create Sustainable Food Access in Nepal With The Greenhouse Project

Run by a Stanford PhD in Civil Engineering, licensed Civil Engineer and General Contractor, the Greenhouse Project works to create sustainable food sources and environmental impact in the Himalayas. Bringing low cost, appropriate regional technology, locally built and operated solar greenhouses to high altitude remote villages in Nepal allows local residents to grow fresh vegetables year-round to expand their diet and thus their health and quality of life. In addition to providing business opportunities for supplementing incomes by selling vegetables locally, this project supports farmers, communities, and the environment.