Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

A hydrating toner formulated with 90% of Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract to replenish moisture into skin. This essence toner is deeply nourishing and revitalizes dry skin.


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    I will never be without this again. This stuff is made from the nectar of the gods. I have NO IDEA what sort of magic is in this bottle but I had no idea how dehydrated my skin was until I started using this. It is so hydrating and so magical, it made all of my wrinkles (almost) completely disappear. I have read that some people have a bad reaction to this but luckily I have had zero negative issues. This bottle will last quite a while as I've had it for a few months and have barely made a dent in the bottle. While this is marketed as a toner, it's not a typical toner (in my mind). I use Thayer's Rose Toner on a cotton pad, spray my face with rose water, let it dry and then pop a dime size amount of this directly on my hand and pat into my skin. It is my favorite part of my routine and has made the biggest difference in my skin.

    Kristy T.
    Non-irritating, Light+Layer-able, Fast Absorption, Slight Brightening

    I decided to give the Essence Toner a shot as I've heard only positive things about the toner. I have dry to normal skin for reference, and if followed up by a moisturizing essence, serum and moisturizer, the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is a great toner. [ PROS ] - Non-irritating, great for sensitive skin, also calming and cooling - Very, very light fragrance to none at all so those are sensitive to fragrances would most likely be fine - Definitely absorbs quickly, great for if you're in a rush - What was nice is how light and layerable the product is, definitely a great product to do the 7 skin method (although I do not use only toner; serum and a moisturizer are necessary for me. If you are looking to do only the 7 skin method and your skin isn't too dry, the Essence Toner may work for you. However, if your skin is on the dryer side, I would suggest using at least a moisturizer following your layers) - One added little bonus I saw after cleansing/washing my face at night is that using this toner brightened my complexion a bit. I've watched how this is for a week and I would have to say that over time this Essence Toner will help to brighten your complexion. This does not mean it will significantly and immediately brighten your skin, like I said, it is subtle but is definitely noticeable if used for longer than a week [ CONS ] - None really. The only thing is, based on each person's skin type, using this alone for the 7 skin method will most likely not be moisturizing enough. For testing this product and seeing how well it works, you should watch what products you use together to ensure you're getting enough hydration. I saw a handful of reviews saying the Essence Toner wasn't moisturizing enough, but I would say to just think about whether you use other products in addition that will provide your skin with enough hydration. After researching the Pyunkang Yul products (there are two "lines" they company has, one for combination/oily and one the more dry/normal skin), I definitely see how their products are meant to be used in conjunction, not just alone, to maximize the results :)

    Sadly did not provide enough hydration :(.

    I really wanted to like this, especially since some of my favorite skincare guru's seem to love it, but for me it just wasn't enough. PROS: The consistency is thicker than water but more watery than a gel. It glides on my skin very smoothly and and it does leave my skin feeling very soft. At first it appears to hydrate my skin very well making it plump and bouncy. CONS: Unfortunately the hydration that it appears to give at first, does not last long. Even when doing 7 skins. I don't know if it just doesn't penetrate deeply enough or what, but my skin was left feeling parched by the end of the day. Another issue is that it seemed to cause some minor breakout on me. I don't have an acne problem so that's how I know it's this product. It wasn't an insane breakout, but I would get pimple clusters in various parts of my face. Overall, it's worth giving a shot if you haven't tried it before because as I said, it does seem to work for some people, but for me it just didn't provide the hydration that I needed. FYI: My skin is dry, dehydrated, and sensitive.

    Marilyn A. Bell
    Fantastic for sensitive skin and super hydrating

    Great hydrating toner for dry-sensitive skin. I saw a change in my skin after the first use. Good for layering and/or 7-skin method. Has a tacky consistency but that is solved if you just pat it down on your face. I don't notice any particular scent. It is a much thicker toner than I'm used to, but my skin seems to drink it up and it has zero weight to it. I follow up with Neutrogena's hydro boost moisturizer and this is the first time I've had such soft skin without a flare up. As someone who has always struggled finding non-irritating skin care products, I'm so happy I found this. It might be a bit thick for people with oily skin, but I generally put about 5-7 layers of it on my face so I think it would still be fantastic for oily skin if you just did 1-3 layers of.

    Richard B.
    The best

    Honestly this is probably my favorite skincare product of recent memory. If you have dry or sensitized skin, you should at least try this product. It has done a very good job of hydrating my skin and calming inflammation. I like to pair it with the cosrx galactomyces 95 toner. I've had great results from using these products together. I've honestly never had so many compliments since using these products together as part of the seven skin method In which I just pat copious amounts of these products into my skin before moisturizing. It's incredible. I've seen the redness disappear and be replaced by a sort of radiance.

    After cleansing, apply a small amount with palms of your hands, gently pressing and patting into skin for full absorption.

    Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Carbomer, Arginine.

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