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With Love From Yours, I’m learning more and more every day how to care for my skin sustainably.

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"I train other doctors so that they can adequately treat their patients no matter how they look. There just needs to be more knowledge."
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"You did everything that you needed to do. There were no handouts, and you have overcome so many things. You are meant to be here."
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Glitter and sparkles makes us feel empowered. But, knowing the truth about where it comes from is more powerful than anything.


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When it comes to shame, having compassion for oneself is a powerful weapon against shame. 
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Skincare, campaigns, and cosmetic packaging does major work in reinforcing the gender binary (McIntyre, 2019). While the idea of skincare being self-care should be gender neutral, it is not.


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1 in 3 women under 35 regularly use anti-aging products. Here's why.
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Kelly Holmes is the fashion designer and chief editor of Native Max Magazine.
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Learn about Common Heir’s effective Vitamin C Serum that is plastic-free, 100% recyclable, biodegradable.